Some Sunday Surprises

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.

So this Sunday I had a lot of fun visiting my first telephone box library in Bergen on my way to church. It was such a lovely thing to find.

There are only a 100 boxes left since the advances in technology and I love that some are being given new lives as little libraries.

Shelves full of stories

I really enjoyed browsing the shelves and found a copy of Victoria Hislop’s book Øya (the island) which I’ve read a few times and thought it would be useful to read to practice my Norwegian.

Anyway that’s all for now.


Footprints and journeys

Leave footprints wherever you may go

Sparkle and sunbeams

Scatter as you wander

Memories flying past like 

paper planes 

Grateful for the journeys taken

Places of growth, pain, joy 

and learning 

Some things last longer than intended 

But the path taken was the 

right one and finished  

at the right moment.

Where learning meant

Speaking up for yourself is okay

Finding calm in the frantic 

Seeing children smile with joy.


C.Farish 01/04/18

Rainy afternoons…

We’ve had a lot of rain recently…like torrential downpours. When its like that its always good just to chill out reading a good book, listening to the raindrops fall. It is quite relaxing hearing the gentle patter of the rain on the windows. The poem is loosely based around the novel The Thread by Victoria Hislop. I’ve just finished reading it. I would love to visit Thessaloniki one day.

Rainy Afternoon Memories

Lazy afternoons,
Curled up
immersed in a different time
Of children playing tag in the streets

laughter and sunshine
love, loss and war
ravaged places.

Even then there is still hope…
within the pages… I turn…
Countries yet to visit….
awakening dreams….
hopes of new adventures…
and memories to be created.

Carole Farish June 2012