In awe & [wonder]

Looking upwards
Sky so awe inspiring
Such beauty in small moments.

Amazed by the everyday
Ordinary little things

Drinking in the wonder of it all

In awe.

Heart happy..

I smile.

20140428-075456 pm.jpg




I stumbled upon this quote today and it pretty much made my day. It sums up my attitude to life about the importance of remembering all that we have and how life is so precious. Sunset taken by me back in May in North Devon, UK.

Putsbourgh beach..

IMG_3136 edit write IMG_3193 write IMG_3215 edit write IMG_3216 edit write IMG_3221 edit write IMG_3268 edit 2 IMG_3327 writeI visited this beautiful beach on Saturday evening. It was a brilliant way to enjoy the warm summer like evening after a day at work!