Tear drops glimmering like diamonds

Creating pasterns of rivers

Criss crossing creating a quilt like effect


Mini waterfalls

Soaking into the pillow

Having no idea

why the tears fall


Sometimes it’s just

a release of pent up emotions

kept bottled up for far too long


when it becomes hard to stay that way

and life becomes so overwhelming

Like an all consuming fire

left to burn for days on end


After all sometimes its best

to cry sometimes.

After the tears comes clarity


Despite everything

Knowing you’ll be ok in the end.


And the smile that is worth the praises of earth is the smile that shines through tears.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Also influenced by this song:

“Every teardrop is a waterfall” – Chris Martin – Coldplay

Where Love Triumphs

When all the walls are crumbling
And everything fades away
When all that is left is a valley of tears

God sees every moment like this
And holds you in the palm of His hand
He is with you through it all

When something beautiful can come out of the ashes of despair
Where victory triumphs over loss and sadness
Realising that you’re not alone in it all
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Faithful Friends

Faithful friends are precious treasures
Who are placed in our lives
not by coincidence
But have real reasons for being in our lives

They light up our lives in only ways they can
And provoke us when we need it most
Even when at that moment we may not
Realise the importance of their words

But later on we’ll realise why they were there
What it means when we laugh and cry together
When they know how to comfort us
During the most difficult times in our lives

Also in days of great joy
Of celebration
They are there through it all

By Carole Farish May 2009