Wednesday evening scribblings

Some evening thoughts.

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Some days I linger in the present

Enjoying what is now

Like smiles and laughter

Hugs and tea time

table drumming

But at night I often

Find myself wishing I

was someplace else

Seeds of discontentment grow

Of feeling alone

And wondering where home is?

I see things often that I like

and stop myself

Cause I don’t have a place to call home

I’m discovering there are

some down sides to


Finding belonging is one.

Still something I struggle with

Growing up I was the kid most

comfortable with my head

in a book

Than being in a crowd or

Spending time with others

Reading was a place of escape

comfort and adventure

And it’s still one of the best travel


Am still being the one to wear

my heart on my sleeve.

C.Farish 21/03/18


Some thoughts on poetry

Even though I am a poet.. At school it was not something that I enjoyed. As it was all about formulas of how to write. Rather than something organic.

It’s as though poetry found me. I first began writing in my mid teens.

Poetry is meant to be felt by the reader. They can articulate their own meaning from the words written. It’s not something written to be taken apart and changed.
When I write it is as though an idea, thought or phrase kind of writes itself.. It just happens.

Words have the power to do great good. To encourage, bring hope and inspire those around us.

Windswept seas

Windswept Alone on an open sea

Hard but sad


Mean new beginnings 
Tangled thoughts 

Like twisted yew branches 

Small ripples

Making waves.
C. Farish 07.03.2016


There was once a time
when I thought I did not have any dreams..

But that is not true..they just look
a little different…

For our dreams show ourselves
a little glimpse of who we really are..

A leap into the unknown..
and unique to each individual.

Scary at times..but that’s part
of what makes pursuing them both a challenge and fun.

Dreams are a place where we all can
and realise we were made for more..

In a world where dreams can
When we choose to believe what others may think impossible
Is possible.

Each dream that we hold in our hearts
is precious.

C.F February 2015

– You are bigger than the fears that crowd your thoughts. C.F

[moments, adventure, memories]



Through paths both near and far

towards adventures yet it be explored.

Stood still

if only for a little while.

Encapsulating [time] as though it were
little rain droplets..
Caught for that moment
as though they would last forever

But fade away they must.

As nothing really lasts forever: as time moves forward…
it does not wait for people to catch up.

But can be found..
even of only through memory…
like whispers through the wind.

As though to go
back to where they once were.

Carole Farish March 2014

Power of Encouragement

I stumbled upon this quote earlier today (and I turned it into a bit of photo art). It a about how standing alongside someone can really encourage and spur them on. It also helps them to know that they are not alone.

We all need those kinds of friends in our lives who encourage us in this way. It is such a precious way of adding value to people. They may appreciate it way more than you’ll ever realise.

That one small act of kindness which was sown may be a catalyst to someone else’s life. That small spark of hope that they needed.

I’m so thankful for the friends in my life who have been that to me.

These kinds of people are the torchbearers who run alongside us on the journey… Where hope whispers.. “You are valuable and have so much to give..Keep going”.

20140207-111620 pm.jpg

Scatterings of hope

It’s ok to have unanswered questions.

Feeling unsure..

But finding beauty in the unknown.
Even in that there is something to learn.

Becoming comfortable in who you are.
Only when alone do we begin to appreciate the notion of self.

That in each of us: is something beautiful we give to the world around us.
Scatterings of hope in what can sometimes be seen as a desolate place.

Small shoots of green amongst a barren landscape.

A bright light in the dark.

That grows into something so majestically wonderful.

– Carole Farish January 2014


Home: means many different things to different people.
The smell of a wood fire
on an autumn evening.
Family, friends, more adventures.

Spending time with those you love.
Encapsulated in time; without words.
Where together is enough.

Making memories

I find its in the small seemingly insignificant moments

When I think of home the most.
It creeps up on me in the dead of night.

When really I should be sleeping.
Even now I think of home with a big smile on my face.

Many memories made
Yet many more to come..

– Carole Farish, October 2013