A Time Lapse

Here are some late night musings. Its been a while since I last wrote. Here goes.

Old and young all in one moment
Feeling as though I’m between two places.

One beginning but not quite ending.

As though time has stood still
if only for a little while.

Like a time lapse.

People in awe, shocked in all seriousness..

Maybe its just make believe…
Or forever young at heart.

Carole Farish – September 2013


Across the room: a dance

She walked across the room
with the grace of an angel
Like there was no one else present

So gracefully
she danced

Shafts of sunlight
passed across her face

Beautiful shadows
of sun kissed time

He came towards her
He caught her unawares
with the hint of a smile
His eyes laughing
with joy….

Carole Farish – 12 December 2012..


The wind rushes across my face
All I see is endless dreams floating by
Oh how wonderful life can be even with all its mysteries

As I look into the sky
Memories of times gone by flash
before my face like lightning
Thus leaving a warm glowing feeling
It resounds within me

By Carole Farish © 2007