Gliding along train tracks

Sunsets ablaze like firecrackers
The sound of the tracks
Gliding along
Trees passing by in a blur
of browns, greens
LIke shadows in the night
So high that they tower above like skyscrapers
Trying to touch the sky.

Carole – October 2012.

Going back in time…on a steam train

Spent the afternoon the other day exploring some places near home. I travelled on a steam train with a friend and my sister. Its a long time since I’d last been on one and it was so much fun!

Travelling again…

Clouds and wheat fields


View across the bridge near Dundee.

Some pictures from my train journey up north to Aberdeen in Scotland.


//Train journeys


On my way to Lancaster via Manchester this morning. This little kid next to me was staring out of the window. It was such a good moment to capture. I’ve edited it using instagram and I took it with the camera on my phone.