A Day Dawns

Happiness can sometimes seen elusive
Like it will never come to pass
But in the end in the new dawn of
A day humorous moments light up
What seem like dark times

When dreams come to life
Moments to treasure
Sprinkling like fairy dust

In the adventures of life
Showing us who we really are
Getting up early just to see
The sunrise through the trees

An Autumn Road

An autumn road draws ever near
Hath doth the tunes
That whistle in the wind.

The many wanderers pass by
So softly so quiet
Like unspoken words that never were.
But then like fallen leaves
Memories long forgotten come to the fore.

Whispered so sweetly, joyous moments to savour.
Hearing the sweet sound of children laughing is to be treasured.

By Carole Farish August 2010