A wander in the Yorkshire Dales

I love that the countryside is right on my doorstep.. I don’t get to explore round here as often as I’d like.. So this afternoons walk with some dear friends was a lovely spontaneous surprise.







We walked from Birnsall to Grassington and back..

[i wander]

Feet wandering along new paths
Adventure is never far away

New things to learn from
and explore with an open heart

The wonder of being constantly surprised…of where I wander

After all life is one epically awesomely big adventure.

– Carole Farish June 2014

An Autumn Road

An autumn road draws ever near
Hath doth the tunes
That whistle in the wind.

The many wanderers pass by
So softly so quiet
Like unspoken words that never were.
But then like fallen leaves
Memories long forgotten come to the fore.

Whispered so sweetly, joyous moments to savour.
Hearing the sweet sound of children laughing is to be treasured.

By Carole Farish August 2010