Rainy afternoons…

We’ve had a lot of rain recently…like torrential downpours. When its like that its always good just to chill out reading a good book, listening to the raindrops fall. It is quite relaxing hearing the gentle patter of the rain on the windows. The poem is loosely based around the novel The Thread by Victoria Hislop. I’ve just finished reading it. I would love to visit Thessaloniki one day.

Rainy Afternoon Memories

Lazy afternoons,
Curled up
immersed in a different time
Of children playing tag in the streets

laughter and sunshine
love, loss and war
ravaged places.

Even then there is still hope…
within the pages… I turn…
Countries yet to visit….
awakening dreams….
hopes of new adventures…
and memories to be created.

Carole Farish June 2012


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